What is Augmented Reality?

Technology continues to evolve and change the way the world works. Just in the last decade, things like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have stormed to the forefront of society and become a part of everyday life. From mobile games like Pokémon GO to VR headsets like the Oculus Quest to Snapchat filters to virtual reality art exhibits augmented and virtual reality have expanded what is possible with a smartphone or headset. So, what exactly is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is a type of 3D technology that lets you see the real world in front of you, but with digital augmentation overlaid on it. This can be done through your smartphone’s camera or through AR goggles and headsets. Just like in real life, when you move or turn, the AR projections change accordingly to match the world around you, often revealing new projections.
In addition to fun mobile games and face-altering filters, augmented reality is also being used for more practical purposes, like:
  • Doctors and other medical staff use AR technology to see 3D projections that help them with surgeries.
  • The IKEA Place app, which uses AR to show you what a certain piece of furniture will look like in your home.
  • Sports broadcasts use AR to project field lines and advertisements on the playing field as well as to draw illustrations to explain plays.
  • Fighter pilots in the military have an AR projection in their helmets that shows them things like their speed, altitude, and more.
  • Museums use AR to create memorable experiences for guests. AR apps can provide detailed explanations for exhibitions or an interactive touch to a display.
  • AR makes projections of ancient civilizations and sites possible, like overlaying a projection of Pompeii, Italy on top of the ruins still located there today.
  • Certain navigation systems use AR to overlay the mapped route over the live view of the road.

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