The Individuality of New Mexico Art

Artists use the environment around them as inspiration for their works, whether they are painters, sculptors, writers, or filmmakers. The state of New Mexico has a dramatic and unique landscape which has called to artists to gather and create. Many artists, especially painters, have been inspired by the uniqueness of New Mexico’s landscape and the quieter style of life found there.

So, what makes New Mexico art so unique from everywhere else? Here are some of the reasons for the individuality of New Mexico art:


  • Multiple Historical Influences – There is a long and rich history of art in New Mexico dating back to indigenous Native American populations as well as Spanish settlers. These influences have shaped art in the region for centuries and still inspire the artists of today. There are many Native American, Spanish, Mexican and modern influences that continue to set New Mexico art apart.

  • Landscape – Much of New Mexico art is unique because of the physical place where it is created. As mentioned earlier, artists are inspired by what is around them, making New Mexico one of the most extraordinary places for creative expression. With its high deserts, magical vistas, and endless sky it is no wonder that New Mexico artists create such beautiful works that embody the spirit of the land. The landscape varies from red deserts to deep green forests, pueblos and metropolitan. 

  • Tranquillity – Much like the landscape, the tranquillity and peace in New Mexico provide respite from busy and crowded cities. Some people find the easy, causal place of New Mexico a respite to create. Some artists like Georgia O’Keeffe, Agnes Martin, and others left large cities because New Mexico offered them something nowhere else could.

  • Local Highlights – Many artists focus on activities and traditions specific to New Mexico in their work, like hot air ballooning. These unique hobbies and past-times present situations, environments, and experiences that could not happen in many other places, feeding into the individuality of New Mexico and the art that is created there.


New Mexico art has a unique feeling that separates it from art created in other regions. The individuality of New Mexico art ultimately stems from the uniqueness of the state as a whole, including its history, its people, its landscape and environment, and its activities. The Anderson-Abruzzo International Balloon Museum Foundation proudly highlights local artists through our NM Artist Series and by selling their art at the Museum Shoppe. Visit the Shoppe during your next visit to the Museum or shop online from the comfort of your home!


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