The Importance of Museums

From big to small, famous to local, museums give us places to think, grow, learn, wonder, and feel. Few cultural institutions have remained as important as museums over the decades. They preserve and promote social interests as diverse and unique as the people who visit them. Our world would be entirely different without all of the ways museums positively impact society. Here are some of the main ways they do so:

  • Community – Museums build a sense of community identity. They serve as a gathering point for people of all backgrounds to come and enjoy the fun of sharing similar interests. They bridge generational and cultural divides by providing new perspectives and starting conversations. 


  • Connection – Museums connect us to the larger world around us. With museums, we can travel across the world in a single building, fly into outer space without leaving the ground, or visit moments in history long passed. They offer new experiences we can’t find in other places or by staying at home.


  • Impact – Museums make an impact on the communities they serve. They document history, offer community events, and serve as must-see tourist destinations. Museums also make an economic impact through the tourist revenue they bring to their broader community.


  • Inspiration – Museums inspire and challenge us to think in new ways. Exhibits can spark creativity, spur discovery, and inspire wonder through stories, music, art, information, and adventure. They take learning out of the textbook and bring it into real life through interactive exhibits, personal histories, or hands-on experiments.

Whether visiting, volunteering, becoming a member, or making a donation, it’s important that everyone finds a way to become involved with their favorite museum to ensure its vibrancy and impact for years to come. It’s more important now than ever before to support your favorite museums, including the Anderson-Abruzzo International Balloon Museum Foundation. There are several easy and entertaining ways to do so:


  • Make a donation. Donations to museums are vital to supporting their continued operation and outreach. Donations for most museums can be made online, through the mail, or in person during a visit. Most donations to museums are also tax-deductible. You can donate to the AAIBMF on a one-time or recurring basis, or make a donation specifically to support the Balloon Fiesta Exhibition.
  • Visit often. Many museums change exhibits on a regular basis, so there’s always something new to see. Signing up for an email list is a great way to stay on top of what’s new at the museum. The AAIBMF offers both permanent and special exhibitions year-round, educational programs, and special events during Balloon Fiesta season.
  • Become a member. Memberships allow museums to count on regular financial support, and, as a member, you get special perks for admission, discounts, and special events. The AAIBMF offers individual, family, and corporate memberships at different price ranges, so there’s an option to suit every interest and budget.
  • Volunteer. Because many museums run on tight budgets, volunteering is a great way to help local museums stay in operation and serve their communities. Volunteering with the AAIBMF is easy and offers choices in several areas of museum operation.

The Anderson-Abruzzo International Balloon Museum Foundation proudly raises awareness, involvement, and funds for the Balloon Museum. Our goal is to uplift the Museum through project collaboration, artifact donations, and shared information and resources. The Balloon Museum Foundation also holds special events during The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta each year, which is the world’s largest balloon festival and lasts nine days at the beginning of October. Find out more about the Fiesta and how you can support our efforts by becoming a member, donating, volunteering, or purchasing a wall tile today!