Fun Arts and Crafts Events

Arts and crafts are fun activities for everyone, whether it’s children, parents, or older adults. They allow us to use our creativity and express ourselves, while also making something new and beautiful. It can even be more enjoyable when there are organized arts and crafts events to bring people together to create, learn new skills, buy local art, and more. There are many different types of arts and crafts events, with each offering its own unique experience.


Here are some of the most fun types of arts and crafts events:

  • Holiday-Themed Events – Some of the most fun arts and crafts events are holiday-themed events. The holidays are a wonderful time when people come together to celebrate the things they love—and that includes arts and crafts. These events highlight the particular season and can include fun, festive items, like gingerbread houses, ornaments, dreidels, and more holiday-themed items and decorations.


  • Instructional Classes – Popular arts and crafts events often include instructional classes that allow patrons to learn how to create their own art as they are led by a real artist. Some popular versions of this include painting and wine nights, making your own clay pottery, and more. These events are hands-on experiences that turn you into the artist and let you express your creativity.


  • Art Fairs and Festivals – The biggest arts and crafts events are art fairs and festivals. These events often highlight local art, but also combine it with food, music, and even rides to make for a truly enjoyable experience. These events let people have a good time, while also supporting the work of the artists in the community.


  • Events Highlighting Local Artists – Many arts and crafts events highlight local artists and provide them the opportunity to reach more patrons with their work. This allows local artists—who sometimes don’t get the publicity they deserve—to receive the support they need in order to make a living and continue to create their amazing work.

The Balloon Museum Foundation proudly raises awareness, involvement, and funds for the Balloon Museum. Our goal is to uplift the Museum through project collaboration, artifact donations, and shared information and resources. 


This year, the Balloon Museum Foundation will be hosting our 8th Annual Museum Market featuring local artisans. The Foundation also participates in Museum Store Sunday, which encourages patrons to visit and shop at Museum Stores as they support their museums year-round. In the spirit of giving, consider attending our Museum Market or coming to the museum for Museum Store Sunday! More information on the 8th Annual Museum Market will be coming soon. 

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