Bubbles & Balloons by Susan Akass


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Bubbles & Balloons: 35 amazing science experiments by Susan Akass (Paperback)

35 fascinating step-by-step science experiments with bubbles and balloons for children aged 7–12.

Calling all budding scientists—it’s time to have fun with bubbles and balloons! Most children, and even some adults, are fascinated by bubbles and love playing with balloons. In Bubbles & Balloons Susan Akass has created 35 fascinating experiments to show children how having fun with bubbles and balloons can go well beyond playtime. Projects include making rainbow bubbles, creating square bubbles, and playing bubble tennis with bubbles that bounce rather than burst, as well as putting a skewer through a balloon without bursting it, making a balloon rocket, and balancing helium balloons. There is a clear explanation of the science behind each experiment as well an “investigate” feature to encourage children to develop their science skills further. Susan Akass takes science out of the confines of the classroom and makes it an exciting activity for children to enjoy safely at home—satisfying their curiosity, keeping them entertained, and helping them to learn in a fun and relaxed way.

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