Refund Policy

Due to high demand, there are no refunds once your Museum Dining Event order has been processed. There are no refunds or exchanges issued for unused tickets. If you are unable to attend your ticketed event, you may transfer your ticket(s) to someone else.

Cancelation Policy

The Observation Deck is held RAIN, SHINE OR WIND. The meals and activities at the Observation Deck and the Balloon Museum proceed for all sessions regardless of balloon flight status. Sales are final. Refunds or cancelations are not given based on the flight status of the hot air balloons.


Balloon Fiesta Sessions are the balloon flying events or balloon glows that occur at Balloon Fiesta Park during Balloon Fiesta. There are 14 Balloon Fiesta Sessions, nine morning sessions and five evening sessions.  


A Museum Dining Event is the ticketed viewing and dining event held at the Balloon Museum while overlooking the neighboring Balloon Fiesta Sessions, The Museum Dining Events are  presented by the Balloon Museum Foundation. The Museum Dining Events are held simultaneously during the Balloon Fiesta Sessions. Museum Dining Events tickets are good for one session.

Canceled Museum Dining Event

While the weather may occasionally prohibit a ballooning session from taking place, it is rare that Museum Dining Events at the Balloon Museum will be closed entirely. The Museum Dining Event is primarily indoors allowing it to occur rain or shine. If the Balloon Fiesta Park or the Balloon Museum area is deemed unsafe by weather or world event and by Safety Officials, or the area has been damaged by weather and management determines that it is not hospitable for service, Museum Dining Events may be canceled. 


If AAIBMF cancels a Museum Dining Event, the following options are available:

  • Transfer of tickets to the next available session. Museum Dining Events are often sold out, but if there are available tickets, we can transfer you to another viewing event.
  • Refund. If you are unable to attend another Museum Dining Events session and if due to extreme weather or world events and access to the Balloon Museum is not possible as determined by AIBF or City of Albuquerque, your tickets may be refunded.


For any questions about your Museum Dining Events visit email us at or call us directly at (505) 880-0500. 

Ticket Transfer Policy

In the unfortunate event that you are unable to attend your purchased session, you may transfer your tickets to another individual. The recipient agrees to abide by all policies including the AAIBMF Covid policy.


If parking passes have been mailed or delivered to ticket purchaser, additional parking passes will not be issued.

Parking & Transportation
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