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Reasons Why You Should Get a Memorial Plaque

Memorial plaques help us celebrate people, places, special times and accomplishments during life and in passing. While losing someone who meant so much to us is incredibly difficult, keeping their legacy alive is a great way to show how important they were to our lives. We can also remember them for a passion of theirs, a hobby, or the communities they were a member of. Memorial Plaques can also be used to celebrate the people and places that mean the most to us while they are still with us. Here are some of the reasons why you should get a memorial plaque to commemorate their life:

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The Individuality of New Mexico Art

Artists use the environment around them as inspiration for their works, whether they are painters, sculptors, writers, or filmmakers. The state of New Mexico has a dramatic and unique landscape which has called to artists to gather and create. Many artists, especially painters, have been inspired by the uniqueness of New Mexico’s landscape and the quieter style of life found there.

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What is Augmented Reality?

Technology continues to evolve and change the way the world works. Just in the last decade, things like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have stormed to the forefront of society and become a part of everyday life.

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Museum Store Sunday 11.29.20

For the fourth year in a row, on Sunday, November 29, 2020, the Museum Store Association (MSA) celebrates Museum Store Sunday, the signature annual international event and consumer shopping campaign that directly supports arts and cultural institutions around the world. The Balloon Museum Shoppe will participate for the first time!

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Giving Tuesday – Balloon Museum Foundation

We believe …
For our minds and hearts, ballooning and aviation can propel boundless wonder and complex learning.
For Albuquerque, ballooning and aviation can inspire joyful gatherings and love for community.
For the world, ballooning can launch the beauty of ambitious dreams.

You can help… us create more opportunities and connections for visitors, students, enthusiasts, beginners, travelers to personally experience the grandeur, complexity and exhilaration of ballooning.
Together, we can launch. Let’s rally.

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NM Artist Series

As a way to celebrate ballooning in New Mexico, highlight local artists and raise funds and awareness for the Balloon Museum…

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